Visiting a dog show in Australia:
NSW Women's Dog Club Inc All Breeds Championship Show & The Dachshund of the Year 2005
Sydney, 10.12.2005
Takaisin kuvia-sivulle...



Australian dog shows have very different system compared to ours. There is several class in which dogs compete to each other and they don't get quality judgement. Winner of each class competes of best of sex (except puppies which compete only against other puppies). Best of breed is selected from best of sex.

Here is some pictures I took from shows. They are in same order as in show - first males from puppy to open class etc. Some are missing, but luckily I managed to take pictures of most interesting ones.


Miniature long Judge Mrs J Kirin  (15 entered)

baby puppy dog

Zyzeal Sergeant Major

minor puppy dog

Austbritz Cream Supreme?

Australian bred dog

Schlau Tru Scenaro


Saradach Jolly Swagman (BOB)

Open dog

Rhone William Tell

Best dog competition

From left: Rhone William Tell, Saradach Jolly Swagman (BOB), Rhone Roal Dougal & Austbritz Cream Supreme?


Junior bitch

Schlau Tru Sensation

Intermediate bitch

Tambo Silver Shelby

Rhone Royal Romance & Tambo Silver Shelby

Australian bred bitch

Rhone Ermintrude

Open bitch

CH Zyzeal Silver Odyssey (BOS)

Best bitch competition

From left: CH Zyzeal Silver Odyssey (BOS), Rhone Ermintrude, Tambo Silver Shelby, Schlau Tru Sensation


Standard wire (6 entered) Judge Mrs J Kirin


CH Dalton Sea Amethyst (Intermediate bitch) BOS



The Dachshund of the Year Judge Mrs D Jolly 

The dachshund of the year 2005 was selected from the best showdog in each variety.

The Dachshund of the Year 2005 - CH Dalton Sea Amethyst


Sylvia Gartner with Schlau Tru Sensation & Schlau Tru Scenaro

Lots of thanks to my wonderful guide Sylvia Gartner for a interesting day in dog show! I want to thank also all breeders and exhibitors who kindly let me take some photos of their dachsies and for very warm welcome. Special thanks to Chris and Les Moore and Sharyn M.


National Dachshund Council of Australia

NSW Dachshund Club


Kennel Laurieton

Kennel Zyzeal


9.3.2006 Jenny Hiukka