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 Iím a beginning FCI standard long haired miniature & kaninchen dachshund breeder. I have got dachshunds from year 1999, and I have now four dachsies at home. I'm a member of

         The Finnish Kennel Club

         The Finnish Dachshund Club

         The Dachshund Club of Helsinki

My goal is to breed good tempered, healthy and good-looking miniature dachshunds, who bring joy to their owners. I'm especially concerned about health: all my dachsies will have their eyes and knees examined and back x-rayed and I try to avoid combining bloodlines known with same hereditary diseases. Iím interested especially in breeding black and tan and dapple dachshunds.


My first dog was tibetan spaniel. I got "Piku" (Moonjose Bon-Bon) when I was 12 years old. He was too big for shows and too stubborn for any dogsports but he got me very  excited about dogs in general. I became a dogsitter and I took care of peoples dogs - all kind of breeds from shitz tzus and poodles to doberman pinchers and newfoundlanders. I got to work in couple of kennels and I learned lot about breeding: matings, births, puppy care, shows, etc. One of this kennels was well-known dachshund kennel where I learned to love kaninchen and miniature dacshunds. I always specially admired dapple ones.

I got my first dachshund, wire haired kaninchen Amianos Felicia year 1999, she was retired from breeding and I was happy to get her as pet. She was everything I hoped for a dog - very clever, obedient and easy dog. So I got another dachshund year 2003, this time long haired miniature Freckle-Face Josephine ("Sohvi"). Sadly Sohvi didn't turn out to be show- and breeding quality though she had a promising start. Neverthles she is our loved pet.

My biggest dream was to find dapple-coloured long haired bitch, and I had been looking for right combination for several years. There were some puppies availlable occasionally, but the quality wasn't just good enough. At last I hear of Caelestis Snow-Ball, a little dapple bitch with two previous litters, and I was fortunate to get her. Snow-Ball has flaws, but she really was worth waiting. After I got Snow-Ball it was clear that I was going to breed litter or two, and thats how it was started.

my principles

I'm learning and collecting information about dachshunds and their pedigrees, I have lot of catching up to do because I'm relatively new in the world of dachshunds. I especially try to study colour genetics as much as possible because I'm especially interested in dapple & black and tans. My goal is to breed high quality coloured dachshund which can compete with red dachshunds by temperament, health and appearance.

For me temperament, health and right kind of structure is the most important thing. Colour comes always last, so it's very difficult to breed these more rare colours. I try to look for good breeding material from another countries and also expand our genepool. I'm especially concerned about problems with temperament and health, so I will examine both health and temperament if only possible of all my dogs intended for breeding and I hope that people who buy puppy from me do the same. I want to be open about problems so you can read all results and also other important information concerning my own dogs and my litters on my homepage.

last update 28.11.2009