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No puppies planned at the moment.


Lately I have received inqueries after puppies from breeders around the world. I'm glad that there is interest in my breedings - but there is also couple of things I would like those who seek new breeding material to consider.


I'm a beginner in breeding dachsies, so my knowledge is not so high as I would wish. I haven't created steady type yet - I have an idea what dachshund should look like, but so far I have got quite mixed types. I use mainly outcross, so it is more difficult to predict what kind of puppies I will receive. What is also important for me is that I sell my puppies as pets - I have at the moment four dachshunds and they are part of our everyday life. I don't have cages, our dogs live with us. Also puppies grow and live with us until they are ready to move to their new homes. I wish to sell my puppies to people who have same kind of thoughts about keeping dogs as I do. I don't ship puppies, I want to meet their future owners personally. I'm always open for co-operation and changing thoughts with other breeders - so if you are still interested, feel free to contact me.


last update 28.11.2009