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Helmi new Finnish Winner-2010!

My new litter moved to their new homes. Good luck!


28.11.2009 I finally decided a male for Coffee, check out litters -> planned litters. Looking forward to our next litter! Meanwhile we have had quiet life here with dogs. I started to train bloodtracking with our youngster Harmi, and she seems to work as well as her mother. She completed her first track ever very fast and very easily, and carried her prize back to the car. Funny litte dog :)

Harmi (Hiucan Joviaali)

28.9.2009 Welcome to Finland longhaired kaninchen male Lurvelegg Northern Lights. Thank you to Kjersti at kennel Lurvelegg for this wonderful little boy!



19.6.2009 J-litter will be 3 months next week.Hiucan Jaspeada is still here with us, she is leaving soon to Spain.

Last weekend we were at Nastola, training for new trial (rabbit hole test for miniature&kaninchen dachshunds). We also visited Hiucan Hurja.

Hiucan Hurja

Hiucan Hurja & Hiucan Hurmaava

Hiucan Hurmaava understood quickly what to do in the rebbit hole test...

After last update we also visited Sweden. We we at bloodtracking trials. Hilja did well, she got twice first price and once third price. Real surprise was her mother Snow-Ball which was our spare dog (I didn't believe she would pass) - and she actually tracked perfectly! So, she got also first price and so she became Finnish champion in her old days! Funny dog.

26.4.2009 Change in puppy plans - next litter planned later this year.

J-litter is soon four weeks old. They have names, which will be Hiucan Joviaali and Hiucan Jaspeada. Jaspeada means dapple in spanish and Joviaali is finnish and means happy.



12.4.2009 Litter planned to our brazilian import Djeata Brazilian Coffee. Father is handsome young male Ahotorpan Foggy.

Ahotorpan Foggy

Funny's puppies are doing well, new pictures soon...


15.3.2009 We have puppies! Funny's puppies were born 31.3. two dapple girls. More photos and info at "litters".



15.3.2009 We have new dachshund in our team. Tomajntin Showpuppet, "Soppa" joined us in the beginning of this year. Soppa lives with my friend Sanna Mikkonen. Thank you Sanna and welcome to our team :)

Puppy news expected around easter... Hiucan Ihana was mated succesfully with handsome russian kaninchen male, Daks-Veg-As Don Juan. Photos Viktor Eremeev.

Our Brazilian import Djeata Brazilian Coffee was at her first show. She got EXC4, not bad for first-timer. Judge was Elisabeth Gonzales from Gibraltar. The critique was very nice:
"Very Elegant, chocolate tan bitch. Lovely femine head and reach of neck. Correct shoulders & hind quarters. Excelent topline & tailset. Lovely feathering. Very lovely condition. Moves well & holds her topline. Typical outline of the breed."


19.11.2008 Funny's puppy plans are now on the page "planned litters". She was in eye&knee test and in back x-ray, results were nice: eyes are ok, knees 0/0 and back x-ray  

Coffee is doing well, she lives now at Birgitta. She has been training bloodtracking and does it quite well.


6.10.2008 Photos from Ukraine. Thank you for the photos, Svetlana!



Couple photos of Funny, Hiucan Ihana. She stayed with us for two weeks. Small gril with the biggest voice possible :) 

Funny, Snow-Ball and Hilja.

Funny's brother Juice lives in Kitee. I got some photos from his owner last summer and forgot to put them on my hp... But better late than never, right?

Nice news from Sweden - Funny (Hiucan Ihana) started in two bloodtracking trials this weekend and received first price from both trials - so now she is Swedish Bloodtracking Champion with only three trials! Congratulations Niina and Funny!

We received also nice news from Russia - Helmi has passed working trials (fox), so now she can add FIN CH title to her list. She also received 2x BOB and group placements in Ukraine, so she is now also Ukranian champion! Thank you Svetlana!

Helmi and Leevi (Hiucan Iso) got official results from back x-ray: Helmi has got 2 calcifications and Leevi 5.

Funny tracking

We visited Sweden again this summer with eight dacshunds and their owners. We had a very nice trip, thank you to Elina, Karin, Niina, Svetlana, Olga & Sasha for very nice trip!

Helmi participated to dacshund speciality and to World Winner. At speciality she got exc and was second in champion class. At World Winner Helmi was again second in champion class and got reserve cacib!

Helmi and her breeder Svetlana Baranova-Stockmann 
Sasha Simakov

Friday and saturday we spent at bloodtracking trials. Helmi needs still some more training and maybe a bit more age - it takes a long time for her to get started, so we didn't reach time limit. Maybe next year we'll try again! Funny, Hiucan Ihana, surprised us and passed anlagsklass on friday and on the next day got first price from open class! Well done, Niina and Funny!

Funny and deers leg...

We had again such a nice trip. From eight dogs we had with us two became World Winners - congratulations to Svetlana and Ahotorpan Fabio and to Olga & Sasha and Daks-Veg-As Yuliuy Caesar! Fabio even won the dachshund group!

All dogs we had with us (from left): Hiucan Ihana, Gewurtstraminer Pain d' epice, Aavistuksen Zastava, Aavistuksen Uroteko, Rectus Mystique, Ahotorpan Fabio, Daks-Veg-As Yuliuy Caesar & Daks-Veg-As Hiucan Harley Quinn

Some new health results:
Now you can find all health results and other interesting information from all my dogs here: Hiucan dachshunds

Djeata Brazilian Coffee
knees: 1/0
vertebrae examination: 0 calcifications
eyes: ok, many extra lashes
Coffee's results were in many ways very good, I was especially pleased that she had such a good back. Eye result was a bit surprising since she has many extra lashes which needs to be removed at some point.

Daks-Veg-As Hiucan Harley Quinn
knees: 1/1
eyes: ok, few extra lashes
vertebrae x-ray: waiting for official results
Helmi had also couple of extra lashes, but they are soft and cause no harm to the dog.

Hiucan Innokas
knees: 0/0
eyes: ok, minor leak in vitreous humour

Hiucan Iso

knees: 0/0
vertebrae x-ray: waiting for official results
Leevi has had back problems, so he was x-rayed a bit earlier than normal. In the first check they found a lot of calcifications, so the final number will be propably very high.

Coffee & Helmi

Some news, starting from latest.

  • New import from Brazil, Djeata Brazilian Coffee. For more information see dachshunds.

  • It has been quiet on show front, we have been only to Lithuania in spring with Daks-Veg-As Hiucan Harley Quinn (result 2xCAC, 2xBOB, CACIB, Lithuanian Winner-08, group-3 ja Lithuanian Champion) and in may at Helsinki INT (result CAC, CACIB & BOS). Thank you Svetlana for this wonderfull and always happy show dog!

  • Daks-Veg-As Hiucan Harley Quinn got knees examined: result 1/1.

  • More trobles with H-litter - Hiucan Hurja and Hiucan Huippu has both got epilepsy. They are both now on medication (Barbivet) and are doing well. They have also participated to epilepsy study at Helsinki university.

  • Hiucan Ihana got her second CAC from Esko Nummijärvi and got also BOB. Congratulations Niina and Funny!

  • Freckle-Face Josephine has HC, hereditary cataracta in her both eyes, she was examined twice in january. She will go fully blind within a year.


1.1.2008 Happy and Succesfull New Year 2008 to all our friends!


16.12.2007 My friends took Helmi (RUS CH, BA&EST&LAT&MNE&RUS JCH, EstW-07, EstJW-07 Daks-Veg-As Hiucan Harley Quinn) to Stockholm HUND2007. Helmi was BOB out of 16 kaninchens, got her first cacib and new title - Nordic winner 2007. Also Svetlana has been showing Helmi with success in Russia - I'll update full results later.

Some sad news... My first dog, 16-year old tibetan spaniel was put to sleep a week ago. Now we have only dachshunds.

A puppy from my first litter (Hiucan Huippu) got epileptic seizures this fall. Because of that we try to participate epilepsy dna-studies and Hilja (Hiucan Hurmaava) is for now out of breeding.  

Updated new show results and some photos.

Wet Wet Wet :) Daks-Veg-As Hiucan Harley Quinn, Hiucna Hurmaava, Hiucan Iso & Miniatyr Ällä after swimming

Helmi (Daks-Veg-As Hiucan Harley Quinn) came back home from a long trip. Helmi participated in eight dog shows in Estonia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Russia. Every time she got EXC, in six shows she was BOB and in four she got group placements. She got five titles, which you can find on her own page. Lot of thanks to Svetlana for taking her to shows, handling her - and of course - of nice trophys :)

Hiucan Iso (Leevi) went to his first show in Rovaniemi 24.6. Though his name "Hiucan Iso" means "a Bit Big" he was BOB-puppy of longhaired kaninchens :) Congratulations to Maija, Niina & Leevi!

Leevi ©
Niina Yliniemi

The most important thing is that Hilja is feeling well, we took blood samples and everything is just normal. Next monday we'll take the last test.


19.6.2007 Our trip to Sweden to bloodtracking trials & show almost ended sadly - Hilja was biten by a poisonous snake in the middle of bloodtracking trial. She was very sick and it was very close that she would have died. We spend the rest of the day in the animal hospital. Hilja was saved thanks to fast cortison treatment and she is now in very good condition. My brave little girl! We were really lucky. My hearfelt thanks to judge Mats Hedqvist and Karin for all the help with Hilja

little patient


15.6. Bloodtracking trial, Sala, Mats Hedqvist

Caelestis Snow-Ball, novice class. Abandoded.
Hiucan Hurmaava, novise class. Accepted -> now she will compete in working class (except in Finland)

16.6. All breeds, Avesta
Caelestis Snow-Ball 1
Hiucan Hurmaava 1

17.6. Bloodtracking trial, Sala, Mats Hedqvist
Caelestis Snow-Ball, novice class. Abandoded
Hiucan Hurmaava, open class. Interrupted (snake bite)

Greetings again from Helmi's showtour: In Montenegro she was twice BOB with jun-CAC -> she became MNT JCH. In Bosnia Helmi was also twice BOB with jun-CAC & also twice GROUP-3 -> She became also BA JCH. Thanks again to Svetlana for taking her to shows.


3.6.2007 Helmi (Daks-Veg-As Hiucan Harley Quinn) had birthday on friday, she is now one year old. Her breeder Svetlana took her on show tour and the start this weekend was even better I dared to expect: on saturday Helmi was at Estonian Winner show, she was best junior and got the title Est JW-07. She was also BOB and she got Est W-07 -title as well and finally she was group-2! Well done Helmi and Svetlana! On sunday there was dachshund speciality in Tallinn with very precise german judge. Helmi was again BOB and BIS-junior and on the top of all BIS-2!! Congratulations to our little pearl and lot of thanks to Svetlana for this beautiful, funny dog.


I finally finished my studies, so now I have to to update my pages more often. I was ashamed when I noticed that I haven't update my english version for ages... Sorry for that!

Helmi has entered shows with success - she has been now to three shows and received two certificates and also twice she has been Best of Breed! She enterd also puppy class three times, every time she was Best of Breed -puppy, once BIS-3 puppy. Not bad for our little terrorist (she likes to eat everything)... I want to thank Svetlana for such an amazing little dog, I'm so happy to have her here!


Helmi & Hilja

Our last litter is now six months and I saw two of them & took some pictures. You can see them on Hiucan Innokas & Hiucan Ihana's pages. Here is Hiucan Ihana wishing you all a beautiful spring & happy 1st of May.


25.11.2006 I-litter one month old and at last they got their names... New pictures on "litters"

Hiucan Huippu "Leevi"

  Last weekend we went to Jyväskylä INT dog show with whole H-litter. Hiucan Huippu got only G since he didn't like to stand on the table, Hiucan Hurja got EXC2. Both boys were measured and they are now miniatures, though very small ones. Hiucan Hurmaava got VG1, so not so good day for us. But it was nice to see whole litter :)

Hiucan Hurja 16 months

4.11.2006 i-litter one week old today, and mother and puppies are very well - I hope problems are now behind.. I took some new photos and made each puppy a new page.

1.11.2006 Snow-Ball got 3+1puppies on saturday. We have had lot of problems because vet had to operate Snow-Ball and she haven't been well after... But at the moment both puppies and Snow-Ball are doing well, so lets hope they keep doing it. 


26.10.2006 Still waiting for Snow-Ball's puppies... 63. day is on saturday. While waiting I took some photos of Helmi. Here is what she thinks about posing - thats me on the left ;) Other (better) pictures are on her page.


1.10.2006 So another month has gone by and we just enjoy living in the country. Dogs love it, since we have lots of forests and fields to go for a walk. Yesterday we were outdoors for many hours with dogs and camera - some new photos added to Helmi, Hilja, Sohvi and Snow-Ball

We took Snow-Ball to an ultrasound, and for sure she is now expecting. There was four puppies in ultrasound, but you never know... She has became so big already, and takes the most of it - she just sighs deeply and sits down when she is supposed to go out for a walk in leash, but she doesn't seem to mid her big belly when she is running in the forest. She such a funny and very self-minded dog, I'm so looking for see her puppies...

I got job at country, and so I moved with my pack to my grandmother's farm. We have been without internet connection for a while and lot has happened since last update....

  • At the and of august we travelled across Sweden to mate Snow-Ball with Aron von der Lohhütte. Mating went well, and hopefully she gets puppies after two months. More information at litters -> planned litters 

  • Our new puppy Daks-Veg-As Hiucan Harley Quinn "Helmi" got her own pages. You can red more of her here.
  • Hiucan Hurja "Aatu" got 12.8. his first CAC and he was also BOS. Congratulations Aatu, Mervi ja Eero!

Aatu © Eero Korpikoski


6.8.2006 Just came back from Kuopio. three days, three dog shows. We had so much fun, thanks for my friends for wonderfull time :) Hilja got 2xVG and EXC, BOS & CAC. Also Hilja's brother Hiucan Hurja was in the show. Thank you for Mervi and Eero for bringing the boys, so nice to see you all! New pictures for Hilja, Hurja and Huippu.

17.7.2006 Aatu (Hiucan Hurja) visited his first show. Judge liked him but gave only "good" because she said he is far too big for kaninchen. Thank you for Mervi for taking him to a show and better luck next time! Updated some new pictures for Aatu & Hilja.

H-litter will be one year old at thursday 6.7. The same day we are opening our exhibiton, so I wish happy birthday a little early for our boys & their owners. And thanks for new pictures!

Aatu (Hiucan Hurja)and Leevi (Hiucan Huippu) © Eero Korpikoski

10.6.2006 We went to many shows with Hilja this month with very different results - at speciality Hilja didn't move at all and at Winner she decided that it's nicer to run and jump around :) Critiques and results are on Hilja's page. At "photos" I put some summer pictures - my dogs had a nice day and I had change to test my new lens. 

4.6.2006 Hilja in Tallinn at Baltic Winner Show, judge Maret Kärdi, Estonia. The weather was terrible, but the we had very good time - thank you to my friends of very nice day in show. Congratulations to Svetlana for BOB. Hilja was best junior with title Balt JW-06 and best of oppisite sex. (20.6. She was also Balt W-06 after all)

27.5.2006 Kauniainen group show, judge Roberto Schill, Romania. Hilja got her first certificate at the age of 10 months.


26.5. 2006 Just got back from beautiful Italy. Here you can find some pictures of Florence international - only few dogs but good quality.


10.3.2006  Some new pictures to Hiucan Hurmaava, Caelestis Snow-Ball and Hiucan Hurja.

2.2.2006 I got some new nice photos of both Hiucan Hurja & Hiucan Huippu so I made own page for them. Thank you for pictures Miia and Mervi! Both boys are doing fine and are looking forward for first shows - as do we with our Hilja. I also finally wrote more on breeder page.  

29.1.2006 Updated almost all pages, I always forgot to update my english pages - sorry about that. New picture of Hiucan Hurja.

16.1.2006 H-litter 6 months! Updated new picture of our little girl Hiucan Hurmaava "Hilja"..

4.1.2006 Pages now also in english.